"Put them in a field and let them eat grass!"



It is the ethos of NightMares that horses are horses, they are social animals that eat grass! They should be given freedom of movement and choice.


Horses have survived thousands of years without human care and as soon as we started taming them, their problems started. From COPD to laminitis, horses have pretty rough times under the care of humans! Now I feel it is time to change our management of horses to a more natural approach, relieving many of the diseases and illnesses horses get as a direct result of human management.


There are a great many kinds of men; there are the good, thoughtful men like our master that any horse may be proud to serve; but there are bad, cruel men, who never ought to have a horse or dog to call their own.  Besides, there are a great many foolish men, vain, ignorant and careless, who never trouble themselves to think; these spoil more horses than all, just for want of sense; they dont mean it, but they do it for all that.  I hope you will fall into good hands; but a horse never knows who may buy him, or who may drive him; it is all a chance for us...



Black Beauty


Anna Sewell